The Production Line of Life

The Production Line of Life



On the many days that you get to stare at a blank wall thinking about the origin of life, there is one thought that ping pongs with deja vu – where do we come and where do we go? Not that I haven’t been on doses of the Big Bang theory and the Creationist view of life, but the whole thought of being is truly awe-inspiring.

Mystics would have us believe that this is the drama of life. But may never reveal the director.

Scientists would go under the ground, maybe still deeper till the Higgs-Boson race is won.

Religion would have you chant the many hymns to ascertain their right as the most secular.

Secularists would get confused and talk about humanity as life.

Gurus would tell you to look inside.

Other gurus would tell you to look outside, feel oneness.

Charismatic gurus would tell you about entropy and evolution.

Simplistic gurus would announce another camp for mediation techniques.

Your family will bear with you till you make your observation vocal.

Maybe angels will take pity on you, if you really have been a good soul.

Maybe, just maybe, you would live a disease-free life. If you get a disease, some self-help book will tell you that it is blocked emotion that needs to be released.

Maybe, if a life threatening disease haunts you or a natural risky circumstance warrants, you get to have an Outside Body Experience. So when you come back to your body, you are enlightened about past life regressions.

And just when you think, that you have some answers to the  soul curry, you are hit by Monday morning blues.

Then you realize, whether it is the sun or the soul, its a work-in-progress life. So lets keep at it, expecting the best as we perform our duties. If life means that we are here to fulfill our desires, then every individual has a definite path to progress. Let’s hope we get to know our deepest desires, so we can allow our free will to chase our true destiny.