In this era of living in a success matrix, the benchmarks for respect sway to various beats. As the individual searches for a formula for achievement that guarantees a standing in the defined society, the mind pads up to bungee along. The task is clear: Is there a way to reassure the doubting mind of having made it in a sea of uncertainty. Presented here is a look into the world view of success milestones, with due respect to self-respect.

First law of Uncertainty: Is education directly proportional to mental blocks?

The first building block is education. It’s not important if we get to use the education but the degrees we acquire hold a promise for good prospects. Never mind that some of the most successful people are college dropouts. One would rather trust the rule than the exceptions, before figuring out if education really helps.

Second law of Uncertainty: Does being materialistic impact your intellectual value?

There. Just when you thought that education is a good enough start, your gadgets steal the show. Gadgets have the power to show that you are in a good job, you earn good, you move in a good circle. Who cares how you got them, be it a flashy cellphone or a flashy car, maybe even a trophy spouse, also included in the gadget list.  Ditto for your address.

Third law of Uncertainty: If you have seen the world, do you acquire a halo of awe?

Who cares about budget flights and that extra night stay in the negotiated package. A foreign holiday is easily a more welcome treat. The ego gets a boost with the winds of recognition and your momentos wall becomes a mini tourist attraction. Should you look uncertain about how to plan a trip, the internet could help, even if the maps are old.

Fourth law of Uncertainty: If you need an introduction, will you always need one?

The social wave says network, network, network. So you get to meet people, even if you don’t have anything in common. You get to talk about places, parties, and get into the habit of being seen. Suddenly you are a known face, with the option of being known as a socialite in the event of your credentials lacking a badge that doesn’t tell why you are so famous.

Spirituality, Success mantras, Scholastic achievements, inherited status, any or all of them combined, still can keep one guessing about what’s hot and what’s not. Maybe it’s good to be uncertain, as it may lead to new avenues. Because, for all those die-hard planners of life, there is always that 2 word test: What If?